Our commitments to ourselves, our clients and the rest of the world

Our place in the world

Within UNLOQ, we have made a series of commitments to both our staff, our clients and society. In this overview you will find our mission & vision, our core work values, our DEI commitment, our code of conduct and ethical behaviour, our corporate social responsibility pledge, our leadership vision and our science based approach. All these commitments together give substance to our role as a company and our role in society.

Our purpose & mission

Our purpose

  • We believe in the infinite power of people.
  • To inspire change from within – impacting those they lead, work & live with.

Our mission

  • We ignite the change by going beyond.
  • We’re responsive to what is needed.
  • We learn and build on what is known.
  • We enable the power of people, by integrating deep human interaction, technology, and science.

Our core work values

  • We’re driven by openness and curiosity, we explore, we listen, we want to truly understand, and we learn every day.
  • We’re innovative and flexible, we’re responsive to what’s needed and go beyond to find what works.
  • We thrive on making a real difference, our purpose is about igniting meaningful change and that takes courage. We dare to challenge and hold ourselves to the highest standards so we can leave a lasting impact.
  • We’re a highly connected and diverse community, we are equals and operate as a close-knit team while serving clients across the globe.
  • We’re genuinely nice people, we make it fun, we’re kind, we care for each other, and we get excited when others shine.

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Commitment

  • We encounter every individual as they are, and work with their authentic selves.
  • We act with consciousness of people’s specificities and uniqueness, and embrace their full identity.
  • We see all people as equals; acceptance and freedom from bias shape every relationship.
  • We nurture our inclusive lens: ethnicity, sex, race, disability, gender, background, age and religion

How we apply this commitment in daily practice is highlighted here by a variety of our people: Our DEI commitment.

Code of conduct and ethical behaviour

All UNLOQ trainers, coaches, consultants and other staff underline and are bound by our code of conduct. This code describes how we work with each other internally and how we behave when interacting with our clients.

Samples of our code

  • We value each other’s work, uphold respect and honesty, and seek to establish clear and open communication
  • We are open to the contribution, suggestions, and constructive criticism from others
  • We do not insult, discriminate against, or sexually harass others, and are accountable for inappropriate behaviour.

You can download the full code here: Code of conduct and ethical behaviour

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge

As the world faces growing global challenges, the quest for sustainable development has transformed from an aspirational desire to a corporate requirement worldwide. We acknowledges the importance of addressing these challenges and is becoming more persistent in our commitment to incorporating the concepts of Corporate Social Responsibility while at the same time creating the smallest possible footprint.

That’s why we incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our work internally and in our collaborations with our clients. Specifically, the Capacity Building pillar of SDG 17. Further, our growing commitment to Capacity Building pillar directly intersects with the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) that have been set to accelerate the achievement of SDGs.

You can download our elaborated CSR pledge including examples of practical application here: Corporate Social Responsibility Pledge.

Our Leadership Vision

UNLOQ’s Leadership Vision revolves around empowering individuals and organisations at multiple levels to create positive and lasting impact. To develop leaders who know how to navigate a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, who embrace inclusion, enhance trust, and support innovation, are self-aware and know how to build trustful relationships.

We transform, enhance, and enrich organisational performance by changing behaviour and bringing back humanity into the workplace. Our approach focuses on Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading the System/Organisation. Our leadership vision is built on a strong pillar of research by UNLOQ’s founders and fine-tuned by more than 15 years of experience developing thousands of leaders worldwide.

You can download our comprehensive vision, including our Leadership Coaching Behaviour Model here: Leadership vision.

Our Science Based approach

Our mission statement says: ‘We learn and build on what is known’. In concrete terms, this means that we use the already existing knowledge of our clients, combined with the most recent insights from science. To this end, we use the ‘UNLOQ Evidence-based HRD Design Process’. Increased use of scientific knowledge to empirically underpin human resource development (HRD) practices can benefit both the financial performance of an organisation as the well-being of its employees.

We believe in transparency about the approach we choose, the process we design and the results we deliver. We also know that “one-size-fits-all” development paths ignore the relevant individual needs and unique organisational context and rarely achieve the desired results. That is why we closely work together with our clients and co-create unique highly effective development journeys.

Read more about our design process, our in-house developed behavioural changes model and how we evaluate here: The benefits of working evidence-based.