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Established in 2012, UNLOQ is a global people development company specialised in supporting leaders and their teams within the humanitarian & development sector and corporate organisations. With 125+ experts on leadership, team, talent and professional development, we serve our global clients with passion and dedication.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at UNLOQ

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are a company that works with and for people all around the globe. We serve those who serve. We know how to bring different voices to the table – and how to listen to them. We are deeply committed to diversity, inclusion and equality. Starting with ourselves.

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UNLOQ story

Our Story

We are pioneers of, and ambassadors for, a new learning and development method that combines technology with human interaction. The UNLOQ Method has its origins in the academic research of two of our founders, both occupational and organisational psychologists.

Their passion for making professional development available to everyone, regardless of position or location, resulted in a model for blended (online and offline) coaching: the Accelerated Behaviour Change (ABC) model. Based on these insights, eCoachPro was born, the forerunner of UNLOQ.

UNLOQ Campus

Our Innovations

The innovative ABC model, entirely designed by us, is at the heart of the UNLOQ Method of blended coaching. The result is deeper learning and greater professional impact. Supporting the UNLOQ Method and ABC model is our UNLOQ Campus platform: a safe digital space that we designed and custom built in order to bring our experts closer to the people whose development they are guiding.



We provide your organisation with innovative people development solutions and bespoke leadership journeys.