Terms of service

General Terms and Conditions

For all of UNLOQs products and services the General Terms and Conditions of the ‘The Nederland ICT’ apply. The Nederland ICT Terms and Conditions take technology trends into account. We also use additional Payment and Cancellation.

The general terms and condition consist of 13 chapters. The first chapter is about legal aspects important to each transaction e.g. payments conditions, confidentiality and risk transfer. In the specific chapters one or more products or services are elaborated on.

Along side Chapter One the following chapter are important for our services.

Chapter 2: Provision of services
Chapter 3: Software as a Service (SaaS)
Chapter 7: Advice and consultancy
Chapter 8: Secondment services
Chapter 9: Education and training

Click to read the full General Terms and Condition: The Nederland ICT Terms and Conditions

Click to read the full Terms of Payment and Cancellation: Terms of Cancellation and Payment

Complaint procedure UNLOQ

UNLOQ has a complaint procedure managed by an independent complaint committee. The rulings or decisions of the committee are considered binding for UNLOQ. Read more: Complaintprocedure

Code of Conduct and complaint committee EMCC-The Netherlands

All coaches of UNLOQ are members of the ‘European Mentoring & Coaching Council – The Netherlands’ (EMCC/ NOBCO) and therfore are subject to the international code of conduct and complaint procedure of the EMCC/NOBCO. Complaints related to an individual coachengagement can be reported to the complaints committee of the EMCC/NOBCO.We expect our leaders to create a workplace in which each individual feels supported, inspired, and is given the chance to flourish and to operate to their full potential. Also, to be introspective, aware of their unconscious biases and open to feedback and other perspectives.

Read more about the EMCC/NOBCO code of conduct: Global code of Ethics