How are we igniting a seamless coaching transformation amidst the AI revolution? With iRobin!

The first UNLOQ AI-powered Coachbot

iRobin is here to serve you

Meet our newest team member: iRobin.
iRobin is a digital coach that uses so-called generative AI. This enables a dynamic and personalized human-machine coaching conversation. iRobin is based on the UNLOQ coaching method and the UNLOQ behavioural change model. Do you have a coaching question? iRobin is free to use!


Free white paper on Coachbots & AI

In addition to creating an AI-powered coachbot, we’ve crafted a science-based white paper that provides valuable insights into the current state and the future of the AI revolution: ‘The Rise of Coachbots with AI: e-coaching unleashed Everything you need to know about Chatbots, ChatGPT and Coachbots with Artificial Intelligence‘.

AI and the future of Coaching Podcast

Don’t miss our podcast on AI and coaching, where we delve deep into how we’ve harnessed AI-powered tools to advance and revolutionise our coaching practices.  

AI and coaching