UNLOQ Secures Second International FD Gazellen Award

8 May 2024

UNLOQ core team

UNLOQ has secured another prestigious distinction, marking its ongoing success in the international field: the FD Gazellen International Award for fastest-growing Dutch companies abroad! This recognition is a testament to our entire team’s unwavering commitment and hard work. Following our previous win of the traditional Gazelle award last year for four years, this international honour highlights our exceptional proof of how we continue excelling worldwide.

So, what sets us apart, and how can you leverage our success to your benefit?

For more than 10 years, we have been providing Learning & Developing programmes for organisations around the world. Thanks to our international & local trainers, coaches and L&D specialists we serve our clients with precision and depth in their own language allowing us to bridge cultural barriers.

Context determined behaviour

Context matters profoundly in delivering transformative experiences and sustainable behavioural development, and we excel at it. Collaboration and co-creation lies at the heart of our approach. By working closely with organisations and corporations, we craft customised leadership programmes, team development initiatives, and programmes for special target groups, adapting content to suit regional nuances and target demographics.

Global reach, local impact

We train and coach thousands of participants worldwide every year in more than 200 programmes in 41 different languages. Our clients rate our programmes with an average rating of 9.5 and the positive feedback shows time and again that they appreciate receiving solutions in their mother tongue and consistent with their professional development that are actually applicable to their everyday work.

Curious to UNLOQ the full potential of your organisation?

Reach out to us today and discover how we can tailor our expertise to meet your unique needs Contact us.

Continue to professionalize and optimize

In addition to the continued development of our UNLOQ Campus coaching platform, we also accelerated the ISO 27001 certification process. This process had already started in 2019 and was aimed at improving our internal processes and increasing the security of customer information. Especially at a time when more and more work is done online and remotely, it is a challenge to ensure maximum confidentiality of information. Obtaining the ISO certificate is not easy; as an organization you have to comply with no less than 96 standards. In 2020, we secured our first certification. In 2023, we passed another 3-year audit which means we are now ISO 27001:2022 certified! This makes us one of the few (international) L&D organizations with this latest version of ISO 27001.