UNLOQ Complaint Procedure

Stap 1) Are you not satisfied with (a part of) our training, education or individual coach engagement delivered by UNLOQ? Please let uw know and we will find a solution together.

Stap 2) Are you not satisfied with the proces regarding your complaint? Then you can contact our independent complaint committee. The committee consists of the following individuals: Dr. Helen Mischielsen (Secretary of the PhD-PDEng Council – Eindhoven University of Technology, Mediator) and Drs. Anita van Vlerken (Founder Association for Coaching). U can reach them via the following contactform.

Stap 3) The complaint committee will process your complaints if:

• You have tried to resolve your complaint together with UNLOQ;
• You have submitted your complaint within four weeks after you have finalized your training or education;
• You clearly describe the nature of your complaint, the reason why you wish to complain and what you like to see happen.

Stap 4) After you have submitted your complaint you will receive a confirmation mail from both the complaint committee and UNLOQ.

Stap 5) The complaint committee and UNLOQ will process your complaint confidential.

Stap 6) The complaint committee will hear both parties.

Stap 7) The complaint committee will assess the grounds of your complaint and determine if you should be compensated. The compensation can never exceed the amount paid for the training or education.

Stap 8) The complaint committee will decide within four weeks after receiving your complaint. In case more time is required by the committee they will inform you and UNLOQ accordingly (with a maximum of four additional weeks).

Stap 9) The decision of the complaint committee will be considered binding for UNLOQ and the decision will be followed-up within two weeks.

Stap 10) Complaints and the decision of the complaint committee are saved by UNLOQ for 2 years.

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