Masterclasses e-Coaching for professionals

Do you want to enhance your guidance skills and are you interested in the basic principles of e-coaching and how you can apply them within your own personal method of guidance? Then this Masterclass for e-coaching is just what you need! e-Coaching is an extended training programme to elaborate on the coaching approach and skills you have already learned and practiced.

What does Masterclass e-Coaching have to offer?

Starting with online guidance/e-coaching, requires awareness of its possibilities and limitations. The emphasis in this Masterclass is on text-based coaching. Verbal communication is excluded, which requires extra care in applying another form of communication in a professional dialogue. To effectively apply online guidance, you need the appropriate language skills; What is the effect of the use of your language, what is the core message of your client, how do you align your language to that of your client?

Who is it for?

The Masterclass is aimed at coaches, career counsellors, HR(D)- professionals, counsellors, guidance experts and supervisors who want to learn how online guidance/e- coaching can be successfully implemented.

Programme Masterclass

The Masterclass e-Coaching for professionals takes six weeks and is fully delivered online. You will attend a teaching program of five modules. The emphasis in this Masterclass is on expanding and professionalizing your online coaching skills through the power of text-based coaching.

The UNLOQ-methodology is a method to display the online communication of the professional effectively and analyse the written message of the client in a structured way.

In five modules we will elaborate on core coach competencies by linking them to language skills. 

You will learn:

  • What e-coaching is, why it works and how it works
  • How to apply the UNLOQ-methodology and our ABC coaching model in practice
  • The do’s and don’ts of e-coaching

One of the modules is a (three-week) practice coach trajectory in a secure digital environment using the UNLOQ-methodology with a test client.

Study load

The study duration is 4-6 weeks. The total study load is 24 hours, consisting of:

  • 3 hours of preparation before starting (self study)
  • 12 hours of training days (four daily periods of 3 hours)
  • 2 hours of literature study and preparation in between
  • 5 hours execution of test client trajectory (on average 2 times contact spread over 3 weeks)
  • Optional: 2 hours preparing the digital portfolio for testing and registration as eCoach Level I

Accredited by ICF CCE – 17 CCEs

This Masterclass is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and approved for 17 CCEs (11 Core Competency + 6 Resource Development).

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  • Course price: € 1245,- excl. VAT
  • Course book: ‘E-Coaching: Getting started with Online and Blended Coaching’ by UNLOQ Publishers. Order this book here.
  • The online webinars are powered by ZOOM

Dates and Sign up

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Optional Module 6: Certified eCoach Level I

For this program, we work with a competency profile. After the training, you can opt for examination and certification. When you pass the examination you will receive the Certified eCoach Level I certificate that can be used to include you in the International eCoach Register ( Costs optional Module 6: examination, certification and five-year registration a € 250,- excl. VAT.

Certified ecoach badge - UNLOQ

Course book: ‘E-coaching: Getting started with Online and Blended Coaching’

This standard work on e-coaching and blended coaching (a combination of off- and online coaching) has a solid foundation in scientific theory and is full of practical applications. This book discusses the different types of e-coaching, with specific focus on the written form. It also discusses coaching via chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) and what this means for the coaching profession. Using the ABC model for sustainable development and the UNLOQ methodology for online coaching, all the ingredients of e-coaching and blended coaching are discussed. These include remote coaching, frequent contact opportunities, the power of social anonymity and the healing aspects of writing.

This international edition incorporates the latest technological developments. It also incorporates the authors’ experiences and those of more than 125 colleagues in training e-coaches and coaching thousands of clients worldwide.

E-Coaching: Getting started with Online and Blended Coaching
By Anne Ribbers, Alexander Waringa
Published by UNLOQ Publishers – ISBN 9789024463312

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